2010’s Car Audio Line Up – Amps

2010’s Car Audio Line Up – Amps

For car audio enthusiasts all over the world, there’s great news, as this year arrives a number of new systems on the market that endeavour to make car audio systems even better. With more power, proximity and efficiency these babies aim to dominate the car audio scene.

New to this year’s market is Alpine’s PDX series – an amplifier that is made for ultimate power and sound quality, but which is ultra reliable too. The best thing about these beautifully engineered amplifiers is that they are compact. Apparently they are at least 20% smaller than prior generations and can even be stacked, allowing for more than one amp at a time in a small space.

Not only is this baby small, but is highly efficient. With a 90% efficiency rate, you will be able to channel a serious amount of power into those amps! It incorporates new technology, which acts as a thermal and voltage protector. Internal temperature controllers automatically tell your amp that it is getting over heated and will then generate smaller amounts of power until it has cooled down. This nifty device makes sure your amplifier does not overheat, but keeps the music playing whilst under normally strenuous conditions. It also can prevent shutdowns from other problems, such as when the voltage drops notably under load.

As expected, the new PDX model like many other brand new models to the market has low distortion levels, extremely low noise and a wide band width. The sound quality is without a doubt superior to its predecessors, as it produces a clear sound that is without distortion or interference.

Nor is this model hard to use or install. Even though, the PDX is engineered to be petite, it does not sacrifice its usability. All controls and connections are very easy to find and use on this nifty little number. It’s also been made to be easy to install, as quick release connectors enable a quick set up and the guide is easy to follow. You may also¬†learn more on LSVC blog.

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