Tips and tricks to make your airplane trip go faster

Tips and tricks to make your airplane trip go faster

It’s already June and surely you and the rest of the mortals must already be preparing for the holidays. Are you traveling by plane, are you afraid of planes? Or maybe you’re going a long way and a long trip awaits you. Relax! Don’t stress out, today I want to talk to you about some tricks and practical tips for your plane trip pass faster and thus avoid anxiety. Do you want to know more? we hope that our advice will be useful to you! And if you have more tricks… Tell us!

The long-awaited holidays are coming! Are you flying? Let’s get down to business! It is more than proven that spending more than 3 hours on the plane is a stressful factor for half the world. It is evident that nobody likes to be ‘stuffed’ in an airplane with almost no mobility watching life go by and becoming aware of what comes next, the Jet Lag. But I’m sure that the advice we’ve prepared for you will make your trip go much faster, shall we?

1. Check the route of the plane before you travel:

It is important to keep in mind how many hours we are going to be inside the plane. To do this the best thing is to review our route and check if we have a scale if we have it, how many hours it is and schedule something to do at that time. I recommend that you check before traveling what the airport is like where you are going to make the stopover in order to find something to do that is to your liking.

For example, when I traveled to Thailand, I made a stopover in Qatar. Qatar airport is very small but as an Arab country airport it has a small mosque inside and it was very entertaining to visit. On top of that, this airport had a rest area with very comfortable loungers, it was great for us! I also had a lot of jewelry and make-up shops, for me it was very curious to see them and get to know the fashions of Qatar. For me it was 2h and a half of scale and thanks to this: time passed very quickly, I rested, I knew something more about Qatar and on top of that I stretched my legs.

2. Take your travel guide and review the important points:

If you travel frequently, you are probably already one of those who buys a good travel guide and mark a route before traveling. It’s ideal to check these notes on the plane, check your route, check where your hotel is, what your first stop is in that country and if you have anything else left that you haven’t discovered to visit. This, believe me, helps a lot to make time go by fast. You’re doing something you like and moving on to events.

3. Read a book:

If you’re one of those who doesn’t get dizzy, take the opportunity to advance with your favorite novel! Books are magical, they always manage to transport us and travel between pages. For that reason, put in your hand luggage a book that is of your liking, it will help you without a doubt to distract you from the plane.

4. Walk around the plane and drink a lot of water:

I’m sure I’m not the first person to tell you this, but there’s nothing worse than feeling bad on an airplane. So remember that it’s very important to walk when you’re allowed to. If you are traveling in a large plane, take advantage to climb to the top floor and/or walk between all divided areas. If your trip lasts more than 8 hours, we recommend that you at least get up 4 times and stretch your legs, you will notice the difference!

Staying hydrated is also very important, so drink more water than usual! The atmospheric pressure in an airplane is much higher than on land and that makes it easier to dehydrate. Therefore, we recommend that you do not travel with a hangover as it is not a good ally for the plane and that you do not drink in the plane, as you know alcohol tends to dehydrate our body and that along with low pressure is very bad for our body.

5. If you are afraid of the airplane, relax and meditate:

Predisposition is something that always marks us. So if you are one of those who have a bad time on the plane start by relaxing before traveling. Don’t arrive at the airport ‘sniffing’ and complaining already about the hours of the plane ahead, think about the end: you are finally going on holiday to that country you love! We can’t arrive thinking that we’re going to have a hard time, that it’s going to be eternal and so on. We have to think that in a few (yes, you have to be optimistic and positive) we’ll finally be enjoying our destination.
This change of attitude will help you relax a lot, we have to learn to manage our mind and make it our best ally ever. For this, meditation is very good. From here I’m not telling you to become a Buddha, it takes many years to do it, but relax. There are some easy exercises that can improve your stress and relieve your anxiety:

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