Tips For Saving on Business Trip

Experience a nice holiday for little money – many people share this wish. If you want to travel cheaply and experience as much as possible on a small budget, you should consider a few basic things when planning, booking and staying on site. With the correct tips for the vacation journey a quantity of money can be saved, without having to do without comfort. Whether with the flight, with the hotel or with food supply and enterprises at the vacation place – our practical tips, in order to help favorably travel also you to enjoy unforgettable journeys for little money.

Book your flight and hotel in good time

The typical rule that last-minute trips are generally cheaper than catalogue offers is no longer true today. As a rule of thumb, booking flights and hotel stays in good time ensures low prices. The team of the travel search engine skyscanner determined that the greatest savings potential for flight bookings lies approx. 9 weeks before the start of the journey. Those who book at this time can often secure the best prices.

In order to make the most of the savings potential, there are some special features to consider. It pays off to book flights towards the end of the year, especially on domestic and long-haul flights. In December, flights are on average the cheapest, while in May they are on average the most expensive.

The day of the week on which the flight is booked also determines the price. A flight price comparison study by the travel search engine showed that the best days to book cheap domestic flights are Thursday and Sunday. For short-haul flights, which are interesting for city trips, for example, Thursday is recommended, while Wednesday is the best time for long-haul flights.

Hotels should also be booked as early as possible. However, it makes sense to make sure that the booking can be cancelled free of charge at the latest one or two days before the overnight stay. This way you have secured the early bird discount and still the possibility to find something cheaper last minute.

The day of the week can also play a role in hotel bookings. Business hotels are usually less frequented on weekends and therefore cheaper, while a 5-star hotel often has offers from Tuesday to Wednesday.

Often it can be worthwhile to book trips in a combination package, for example flight and hotel or flight and rental car. Here are quite possible up to 100 euro saving.

Compare offers online

Many trips with identical services vary from provider to provider, sometimes considerably in price. So if you really want to save on your travel booking, you can’t help but compare the offers.

Those who are spontaneous and flexible regarding the travel date can really save a lot of money when travelling. Bargain portals like vacation guru, vacation pirates or Travelzoo mediate coupons and complete journeys to partly unbeatably favorable prices. Here one finds already city journeys for under 100 euro, a cruise for less than 200 euro or 14-t├Ągige all inclusive Fernreisen for few hundred euro. Via the respective app of the bargain portals, you can have the latest bargains sent to your smartphone as a push message and book immediately if required.

Use coupon codes for online bookings

More and more consumers, who want to travel cheaply, book online today. On the one hand, online booking offers the advantage of comparability and fast processing. On the other hand, you can use discount and coupon codes and save money by participating in cashback programs.

There are several types of vouchers. On the one hand, retailers, manufacturers or intermediaries such as CHECK24 issue vouchers for the purchase of products or services. These can be used as monetary value at certain suppliers and travel agencies. On the other hand you find on different coupon portals such as Sparwelt, Mydealz or MonsterDeals various coupon and discount codes for hotels or flights. You can enter these codes with the respective providers during the booking process in order to reduce the price. In many cases you will also receive voucher codes for travel services as a new customer or for newsletter orders.

Save money on travel with Cashback

In addition to coupon codes, Cashback is the best way to save money when traveling and shopping online. Via Cashback you can order flights, hotels and rental cars or any number of other products and services. Each of these deals saves a few euros. The most popular cashback platform is Shoop.

The principle is relatively simple. After registration and login on the platform, you can book your trip or individual components via the cashback portal. As soon as the booking is confirmed, the portal receives a commission from the travel provider (affiliate marketing). The cashback portal keeps a part of the commission for itself and passes the other part on to the customer. As a rule, the commission is credited to the customer’s cashback account as a percentage or fixed amount.

Avoid hip hotspots in tourist areas

Not only flights and hotel bookings offer savings potential. You can also save a lot of money during your trip. Maybe it doesn’t always have to be the tourist hotspot?

In the hip tourist strongholds, everything is usually geared towards mass tourism. As most travellers pay less attention to the Euro during their holidays, many articles and services are much more expensive here. Book your destination away from the tourist centres in less popular or well-known places. Beyond the tourist strongholds you can not only stay and live cheaper, but also get authentic insight into the life of the people in the holiday country.

Travel with hand luggage only

If you only want to travel for a few days and get away cheaply, it is best to travel with hand luggage only and do without large luggage. Especially the cheaper low-cost airlines often charge horrendous surcharges for checked baggage. Most travellers realize after the trip that they had far too much luggage with them. For a short trip or a city trip, 8 kg of hand luggage is often sufficient. With a tube of detergent, bought on the spot, one can quickly wash one or the other piece of laundry and thus save 30 and more Euros by doing without the big suitcase.

Freezing together, booking shared rooms

Save together. Many travel providers offer more favourable conditions for travel bookings for several people. This does not refer to group travel, which is particularly cheap as a group fare. If you are travelling with friends, it is worthwhile in most cases to book a double or multi-bed room. Also with the reservation of holiday houses for several persons clear price advantages result for the individual.

Self-catering instead of expensive snacks on the trip

Avoid expensive snacks and drinks at the airport. These are often accompanied by significant surcharges. Snacks are rarely included in the airfare and drinks are only served to a modest extent. If you want more here, you usually have to dig deeper into your pocket. Take care of your own snacks and drinks on the way and you can spend more on your actual holiday.

Self-catering is also an effective way to save money at your holiday destination. In many hotel rooms and accommodations you find meanwhile beside a refrigerator also a small kitchenette or kitchenette. Here it offers itself to procure ingredients locally and to prepare itself the meals. This does not only save money, but by shopping at markets and local supermarkets you get a deeper insight into the living and eating habits of the population of your host country virtually free of charge.

Use bonus programs of the hotel chains

Many hotel chains come up with something to retain customers. Among other things, they offer bonus programs and point systems. These programs work in a similar way to airlines’ bonus mileage programs. Overnight stays in the hotels of the respective chain are rewarded with bonus points. Depending upon offerer there are points not only for the stay, but also for each euro spent in the hotel. If the guest has collected enough points, these can be converted into free nights or free additional services. Frequent travellers, who frequently stay in hotels of the same chain, can save a lot of money in this way.