Travel in Asia

Travel in Asia

Discover Singapore’s best when sightseeing with Buffalo Tours
Small but powerful, Singapore is a nation with incredible ethnic diversity and a fascinating culture. Brimming with urban charm and a colorful history, what was once a fishing village has become an economic powerhouse and one of Asia’s most impressive destinations.

At Buffalo Tours, our tours are tailored to enjoy the cultural soul of Singapore while providing unique opportunities for unforgettable experiences. We can tailor any of our tours according to your wishes: holiday period, special needs and available budget to get a trip specially designed for you.

As one of the best tour operators in Asia and specializing in tailor-made travel, our Singapore travel packages are designed to fit any travel style. Click on any of our itineraries to start designing your Singapore trip, or click here to learn more about our other destinations.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Let our destination experts tailor a unique Singapore trip for you! Click on the bottom for free information.

Are you intrigued by Khmer civilization and architecture? Travel to Cambodia and discover the treasures awaiting you in this welcoming country.
We love to share our passion for Cambodia! We are at your service to answer all your questions about Cambodia, do not hesitate to contact us and ask any questions you may have, we would love to help you even if you are not going to contract a trip with us. Cambodia has a bustling capital, a quiet coastline and some of the most important religious monuments in the world. People usually spend only a few days in Cambodia but it is worth spending more time as it offers a wide variety of possibilities.

Discover Angkor, Cambodia’s hidden treasure, the charming city of Siem Reap and the historically and culturally important capital Phnom Penh. We know that everyone is looking for something different, so most of our trips to Cambodia are private. To make tourism in Cambodia or simply enjoy a vacation in this wonderful country, we present below, our offers of tours and personalized trips to Cambodia.

Asia, a surprising continent to discover, visit the best countries of Southeast Asia with Buffalo Tours, the charm of Vietnam, the magic of Indonesia, the best of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia … everything is in our hands.

We organize all kinds of trips depending on your tastes, time available and needs, to discover nature in Asia, immerse yourself in the culture of different countries and also there are always different diversions for the members of the group so if you travel with children we are your best option, also do not miss a single detail with our guides in Spanish.

The option of doing multi-country tours will also give you the opportunity to have a broader view of everything Asia has to offer, as they are very different countries, and their diverse cultures will enrich your spirit. And don’t miss the opportunity to design your own custom trip, don’t be left with the desire to do something because Buffalo Tours puts everything at your disposal and we will be here to advise you.

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