When pasta is scarce, the best thing to do is to exchange a suitcase for a rucksack and take a train ride around Europe. With more than fifty years of history on its back, the Interrail (the mythical railway ticket that allows you to travel around thirty European countries) remains the best idea. Every year thousands of young people choose this option to live an international experience with friends. If you dare, in this post everything you need to know to start preparing your adventure in Interrail for Europe.

The fashion of doing a train tour with the Interrail is more alive than ever. A travel option available to any European citizen as well as non-Europeans residing officially in Europe that allows you to visit 30 countries of the continent. At your own pace, organizing the adventure in your own way. This option is not only still the favorite way of traveling for many young people, but also for couples and families. It is also worth mentioning how Interrail has been modernised and adapted to new times by launching interesting initiatives such as:

1. The age limit has disappeared.

Until recently the service was restricted to children under 26 years old). However, those over 26 will have to pay a little more. They have also launched the Family Interrail, very interesting if you want to travel around Europe as a family, with your children, bear in mind that children under 12 have a reduced rate for children under four, who travel for free.

2. Choose the class you want to travel in

Also with older travellers in mind, there is the option to travel second or first class. Thus, for example, 15 days for young people, in second class, costs 337 euros, 449 if you choose to travel in first class. Don’t forget to consult the rest of the fares.

3. How many days does the Interrail last?

You can also buy your ticket taking into account the days you want to be on the road. There are many options, from the Interrail Pass 5 or 7 days, option in which you decide which days you want to travel over a set period of 15 days. They are worth days in a row, consecutive… you distribute them to your liking throughout the fortnight. You have the same option of 10 days in a month. 15 days in a month. Or the classic ones, 15 days continuous or 22 for the more adventurous.

4. What trains does Interrail include?

In principle, the Interrail includes all normal trains (as long as they are not high-speed trains, nor special mountain trains or trains from private and tourist companies…). But in exchange, many of these trains not included, as well as some ferries, can be taken by paying a small reservation or a supplement, which makes the price much cheaper than the official fare.

Also, there are a number of trains that require the reservation of mandatory seat and also ask for the payment of a small amount when using them. A little more expensive but without a doubt, one more offer that enriches this service. You can also access crossings in Europe and get discounts on some hotels and attractions.

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